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Butterfly Conservation Talk by Julie Whitfield

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The Friends of Kooyoora recently heard a talk about butterfly conservation at the Rheola Hall attended by 23 people. Julie Whitfield was invited to speak about her recent visit to the USA and UK to follow butterfly festivals in those countries and to obtain information and direction from leading experts in butterfly conservation and community engagement. This was made possible after she received a Winston Churchill Scholarship. Julie followed the Monarch Butterfly migration in the USA observing the many vibrant festivals held during the migration which totals butterflies in the millions moving from northern states to southern states to enter a state of torpor over winter. In the UK she attended the Butterfly Conservation Symposium and studied the model of Butterfly Conservation UK, which has over 22,000 financial members and volunteers. Her vision is to set up butterfly conservation programs similar to those she studied in the USA and UK here in Victoria. Invertebrates including butterflies are not protected in Australia unless they are listed as being a rare, endangered or threatened species on a state or Federal register. 20% of Victorian butterflies are listed as being rare, threatened or endangered but very few actually have management programs to conserve them. Julie hopes that community groups such as the Friends of Kooyoora will get behind her and assist in bringing more attention to a charismatic, but often overlooked group of animals.


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