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The Morel of the Story

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World renowned fungi expert and photographer, Alison Pouliott, is calling on people to share their stories of picking Morel fungi in the Kooyoora State Park. As part of a PhD study, she is wanting to hear from people who have picked Morels in the Kooyoora State Park area, the stories behind them, and thoughts on whether the protection of Morels from picking is a good thing or a bad thing.

Some families made special trips out to Melville Caves just to pick Morels for eating. Was your family one of them? You can remain anonymous if you wish. This is not a policing issue, just a interest in historical use of Morels and thoughts from people who may have gathered them.

Please send your stories to or post them to 105 Christie Road, Kurting Vic 3517.


Author: Wendy

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